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The dispensing cap technology invented by the design team at Choice H2O, LLC  (CHOICE) has created a unique and novel device suitable for use by multiple industries desiring a solution for accurate dispensing of liquids and solids.

CHOICE will market the unique capabilities of it’s dispensing system to a wide variety of industries. The primary focus will be licensing the patent use to manufacturing already engaged in the production of bottle cap products or CHOICE may establish a manufacturing organization with direct sales to bottlers or packaging manufacturers.

There are significant opportunities for the unique dispensing capabilities developed by CHOICE. Precise control of active ingredients allow for quality management and cost savings.



Chemical Industry

Many chemical products marketed by the chemical industry require assorted ingredients that must be combined in specified amounts to produce an active product that can be properly used. The measuring of ingredients presents many challenges to users and often they have limited time to accomplish their tasks, face distractions, find themselves in uncontrolled circumstances and lack the training to properly perform the assigned task.

Individual users may find themselves in settings or locations where proper mixing of chemicals is difficult. Several scenarios are as follows:

Workers in paint and auto body shops are continually mixing ingredients and precise measurement is a mandatory requirement. Chemical bonding agents must be mixed in specific proportions and paint matching colors require that additives and color dyes be added in precise amounts produce a desired color.

Bondo putty is activated by combining a catalyst (hardening agent). It is a challenge for auto body workers to correctly determine the right amount of Bondo to catalyst ratio.

Field workers conducting tests must have easy to use and precise control of active test ingredients. Diagnostic technicians collect samples in the field and add test ingredients to measure a variety of conditions.

Individuals (consumer or industrial) using two part glues and adhesives. Painters using two part epoxy systems or color additives.




The proper dispensing of pharmaceutical ingredients for individual consumers and pharmacy personnel requires precise measurement. Elderly and orthopedically challenged individuals may find a cap dispensing system easier to remember and use.

And, the used cap will indicate if the product has been activated. Physical challenges of opening bottles and transporting medicine will be eliminated.

Applications will include:

  • Dispensing of powdered medicines into beverage or water.
  • Cough syrups or cold relief medicines for children or adults.
  • Dispensing of daily medicine regimes for patients.
  • Delivery in hospital settings, less handling and contamination.



Cosmetics Industry

Individual consumers or hair salon operators face challenges when mixing hair dyes. Precise control of active ingredients presents many obstacles and messy cleanups are difficult to control.

Current methods include the dispensing and mixing of the appropriate color into a developer solution, the combined ingredients are then shaken in a bottle and then applied to the hair.

A simple combination of ingredients in an easy to use dispensing cap offers users precise measurement and consistency that results in a perfect easy to use application.



Beverage Industry

The CHOICE cap dispensing system offers trendy new applications for the dispensing of vitamins, flavors and other ingredients. This novel idea addresses consumer demands for freshness and optimum value for their purchases. The advantage of freshness diminishes competitors claims and allows for a standout ‘new’ product with superior attributes.

A dispensing cap will offer a simple solution and great capabilities. Consumers decide when to activate their ingredients and manufacturers relieve themselves of the freshness and shelf life issues.

The multifunction dispensing cap will offer consumers a variety of flavors or combination choices. It will also offer flavor and vitamin combinations. A four part dispensing cap could offer one compartment dedicated to vitamins and the three remaining compartments the flavoring choices such as strawberry, kiwi and blueberry. The consumer has a choice and is not restricted to their flavor decision at the time or purchase. This also creates a flexible solution when buying products for other people.

The added costs of the dispensing system are minimal. It does however create a unique brand identification and a standout specialty that other manufacturers do not possess.

Points of Interest

Initially designed for flavored and vitamin water bottles, we have identified applications for vitamins, dairy products, flavored alcohols and precision distribution of medications

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